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Blessed Are The Peacemakers solution shopping assists with the implementation of solutions to build healthy relationships between communities and law enforcement while preventing violence. Each time you make a purchase it extends the sustainability of We Are Going Home and iTHINK. 


We Are Going Home is a national neighborhood accountability solution that will develop healthy relationships between citizens and law enforcement. We Are Going Home embraces the value of a life, earned trust, accountability and consequences. We Are Going Home's primary goal is to ensure that law enforcement and citizens both go home each time they encounter one another. 


iThink is a national Violence Prevention solution that seeks to reduce, deter and prevent crime by addressing systemic and societal issues within a neighborhood, community, city, county and our country. The core elements of iTHINK are transforming mindsets, resident participation and training in temptation, consequences, conflict resolution and de escalation. iTHINK success will improve public safety, quality of life and save lives within any locality.

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